Dollyshop Theatre - new listings on Etsy

Hey!  Speaking of shop updates, I've just added a few listings to the shop that my other personality, Malady Beastly, works at when I'm not paying enough attention to her.
Somewhere over here
is a button to visit my Dollyshop Theatre etsy store.  Push it.  See what happens.


There is some new ratty and generally hostile creatures.  If such a thing appeals to you, you can follow my doll work at Dollyshop Theatre on Facebook.

And there is a tab at the top of the page to take you to the Tumblr gallery, although I have some personal reservations about Tumblr as of late so, perhaps, you know of a great site that can host a decent gallery?

Speaking of galleries, funny thing, that the above doll, Rumplestiltskin, whom I spent over a year stitching in the Grimm's story on, was stolen right out of the gallery it was being displayed in.  Art theft!  I feel annoyed and intrigued all at the same time.  I would really like to know where Rumplestiltskin has gone and also let the thief know that it is cursed with some terrible hoodoo.  Probably everything bad that has happened to you since you stole this doll is because of the curse.  

And that's it.  If a doll catches your fancy, find it in the shop or message me to find out where it is and if it can be rounded up.


Etsy shop updates - a little more for a little less

Birdie's Britches ePattern
I'm doing a little housekeeping on the Etsy shop and, oh goodness, so many memories!  The childs were just babies when much of my patterns were developed.

Patchwork Twirler ePattern 
Which suggests two things to me: 1) Dang, I need to make a few new patterns before I qualify for the legit vintage category and 2) Life has been very, very good to me.

FairWeather Jacket ePattern
It's for the second reason that I decided to lower the prices on all the existing Indietutes ePatterns. A holiday gift of sorts, to anyone interested in acquiring one of the patterns for themselves.

Bush Hat ePattern

If you want to visit the shop and check out some of the changes (like the new lower prices :)), please visit Indietutes on Etsy.


Before you go, if you do Instagram, I have started an account there under Malady Beastly to share the little projects and dolls that I've been doing.  Oh, and pictures of books.  Shelfies sometimes.  For no good reason, really, other than I really like my books.


nutritious popcorn balls

Perhaps it's a stage in every homeschooler's evolution that they start waking up late, acting like hung-over college student on the Sunday of a long weekend, making popcorn balls for lunch in her pajamas?  Or has living with a middle aged homeschool mom for so many years, one who considers pajamas and messy clipped up hair to be acceptable daytime wear, tragically impaired her sense of style?  Maybe the resemblance would be less strong if she didn't steal my t-shirts.*


* Girl child would like to note that she is a) not hung-over and b) would love to be a college student.


look up

The skies are grey. 
But there's a kraken in the sky.
So that's alright then.

monster pouch

I thought I was making a little change purse.

But when I handed it to the girl child, she says, 'Thank you, this is perfect to hold my spare pair of undies.'

Clever girl.  I always insist she takes an extra pair when she travels for sport.  Nobody wants to drive home in sweaty panties.